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Turn Your Precious Jewelry or Gold Into Cash

We Offer The Best Prices For Your Pre-Loved Valuables

Just East of I-85 On Jimmy Carter Blvd.

Rated One Of Atlanta’s Best Pawn Shops

Rated One Of Atlanta's Best Pawn Shops

4.9 Out Of 5 Stars By Our Google Reviews

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Are you in need of quick cash? Norcross Pawn offers cash on the spot in just minutes.

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We offer cash on jewelry, designer handbags, electronics, firearms, bullion and much more

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Find Bargains On Jewelry, Gold Items, Designer Handbags, Electronics, Firearms And Much More

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The Best Pawn Shop Near You

People who visit a pawn shop for the first time are amazed to find how much fun it is to explore items that are selling for discounted prices. Because the inventory at our pawn shop constantly changes, it’s wise to stop in every few weeks to see what new items are on display before someone else discovers the bargain and scoops it up.

There are two great reasons to visit Norcross Pawn Shop and Title Loan near Atlanta, Georgia:

  • You’ll discover sales at a fraction of their original cost on a variety of things for either yourself or a special someone such as: Jewelry, Gold Chains, Collectible Coins, Designer Handbags, Electronics, Firearms and much more.  We also pawn sell our items in great condition that might cost 10 times more if bought new. You can see a listing of the kinds of bargain items we sell.
  • At Norcross Pawn, you can also get cash today by selling items to us or even get a pawn loan which is where we keep your item as collateral until you pay back the pawn loan. It’s that simple.

    Our pawn shop is right up I-85 from downtown Atlanta, turn right at the Jimmy Carter Boulevard exit. Come and visit us today!

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Get Cash On The Spot — Bring Anything Of Value To Norcross Pawn

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At our Norcross Pawn Shop you’ll find great deals on the latest: Jewelry, Designer Handbags, Gold, Firearms and Electronics.

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What Is A Pawn Shop?

Back in the 1600′s when America was being settled, pawn shops existed as a principal means of financing. They’ve been important ever since. In fact, thousands of years before banks existed, mankind was making pawn loans, because pawning is so easy. You leave an item of value with the lender, who loans you cash in return. When you return to repay the loan and interest, you get your item back. In the event you don’t repay the pawn loan, the lender keeps your item to sell to recoup the investment.


On Sale Products

We offer a broad range of items on sale. Whether you are looking for a one of a kind watch as a gift for someone, a jewelry set to compliment an outfit or even indulge in the latest tech gear… We have it all and we also take pride in offering you affordable items that match your needs.





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Buy Jewelry At A Great Price

Before going to a high-priced jewelry store in search of a perfect jewelry set, make sure you stop by Norcross Pawn first. We are sure you will find what you are looking for at a fraction of the price compared to big box retailers.


We’re one of Atlanta’s Best Pawn Shops

Christine Richardson
Christine Richardson
This was my first time visiting the store, I cannot even begin to tell you absolutely impressed I was with the merchandise and the cleanliness of the store. The prices are absolutely surreal. I have been a frequent user of a big chain pawn shop in GA for more than 20 years, but after I saw the prices of the merchandise in this store, I am very certain I will keep doing business with Norcross Pawn Shop. The customer service is simply above board, everyone smiling and friendly, AND even though I saved a substantial amount of money on the item I chose, they marked it down another 10%! I am looking forward to shopping with NPS. thoroughly impressed. The jewelry is stunning and more than 60% cheaper than Cash America. Incredible.
Richard Bryant
Richard Bryant
David Kitchens
David Kitchens
Never a bad experience always great pricing and amazing energy. Personally this is hands down my #1 pick of all the shops in the area
Great service!!!!! Thank you.
I S.
I S.
Great service and great prices
Adriana Melendez Ayala
Adriana Melendez Ayala
Everyone is super friendly. The vibes were great. I would really recommend stopping by.
Rashad Greenland
Rashad Greenland
Nerit Reyes
Nerit Reyes
They have treated me amazing for years. I only use them for my pawn shop needs.
Joey Williams
Joey Williams
They have great customer service and they are polite.
jin yoo
jin yoo
Came here on a whim on a Friday afternoon. Everyone was pleasant, friendly, and professional. Derek was the gentleman that helped us. Luckily we had a conceal carry so it was super fast and quick. From purchase to paperwork I would say everything was done within 10 minutes. Professional, fast, courteous- everything you want in a pawn shop. Highly recommend

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Monday – Saturday: 9AM–6PM
Sunday: Closed