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Norcross Pawn

We are an owner operated full-service pawn shop known for our customer service. With Over 25 years in the business, our mission is to be your trusted pawnshop. Our knowledgeable staff uses state of the art technoplogy to help us make fair and informed offers. W pay top dollar on anything of value. Whether you are looking to sell or just need a quick loan, we are the place to go. Stop by and see for yourself why we are one of the top rated stores in the state.


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Advantages of Pawn Shops

Whether you are looking into buying or selling your items to us in exchange for cash, we offer various advantages when it comes to doing business with us. We pride ourselves in always helping and educating our customers when it comes to having questions regarding how our systems and processes work. Rest assured that our knowledgeable team members will inform you on what you need to know.

Get in, Get cash, Get out. We can immediately make a loan without delay, because there are no complicated or costly loan application and approval processes. 

No credit check, no worries. In fact, we don’t do credit checks when making a pawn loan, nor report you to any credit agency in the event you never repay your pawn loan. Instead, we hold on to the item as our security so we can resell it to recoup our loss in case you don’t make your loan payments.

Relatively lower rates. As compared to other consumer lending industries, we offer lower rates and less hassle.